The rental apartment Park Axis Aoyama 1-Chome Tower has been created within Aoyama 1-Chome.
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Front counter serviceEValet parking service
Front counter service Valet parking service
The car valet service staff at the entrance, the concierge at the reception counter on the ground floor are all available 24 hours 365 days a year. Upon the request of the resident, services such as retrieving your car for the garage, handling of your luggage, calling a taxi or chauffer service, and a weekly information guide are all readily available. Also, for an additional cost, house cleaning, food delivery, the introducing of a baby-sitter, and various other services are available.
Dry Cleaner's Intermediary Service Dry Cleaner's Intermediary Service
For all items that need to be dry cleaned, please put them in the specified bag and bring them to the front desk. They will then be taken to the cleaners and returned once cleaned. We can also introduce a cleaning company that takes care of high quality fabrics and blankets and delivers them right to your door.
Handling Service Handling Service
The front desk will receive and keep items for you that are delivered in your absence. We can also handle perishable items or even take and put them in your room, however; notification must be given in advance.
Information Service Information Service
This service will answer any questions that you may have concerning shops or restaurants in the area, information on upcoming events, transportation and diagram guidance, hospitals, weekly administration related information within the area, and emergency hospitals.
Various Catering Services Various Catering Services
We can provide party cuisine and various catering services. In addition to catering services, we can introduce companies that can supply you with a dispatch chef, room servers, or musicians.
IC Card _System
Beginning with your residence until the 30th floor public entrance clubhouse, and from the entrance to every residence there is a three point security system that can be unlocked with one IC card. This is a simple operation where high security and residents' privacy are guaranteed.

In the security office there is usally a guard on stand by and within and around the building there is surveillance enforced. In the residence there is a intercom and a linkage geared to the security office so that someone can quickly respond in case of an emergency.

Also, in every residance there is installed an information box with all kinds of services that can be conducted. Room service, catering, the ordering of daily necessities, valet service and other services are all settled with the IC card. Personal history and bank account information are also saved on the card. With a touch pad panel all these functions can simply be accessed. A great support for spending everyday in pleasure.
You may have up to two dogs. However, we offer services for both those with and without pets.

For example, there is a grooming space equipped with hot water showers, driers, and such. When you are in the elevator with your pet please observe the rule of holding your pet. We have a certified dog counseling staff available so please feel free to ask them for advice or take advantage of the disciplinarian classes. We can also introduce a pet hotel and pet home doctor.

ŠThere is a restriction about the type of dog that you may keep so please ask.
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