The rental apartment Park Axis Aoyama 1-Chome Tower has been created within Aoyama 1-Chome.
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Electric oven
Electric oven Each residence is equipped with a high capacity (95-105 litre) that can cook fish or meat dishes for a large number of people. When the electric oven was installed, consideration was taken so that it was positioned in such a manner that is easy to look upon and use.
Dishwashing machine
Dishwashing machine Each living unit is equipped with a high functional washing machine, so you can use it to wash a large quantity of dishes. For large units, a high capacity type is installed. The washing machine is coordinated to be the same color as the cabinets.
Gas cooking stove installation
Gas cooking stove installation A professional cooking gas stove is installed. This greatly manufactured and designed gas cooking stove turns off automatically when the food is take out of the cooking range or when the fire burns off. The stove ventilator has a sensor that sets off a fire extinguisher in case the fire gets out of control.
Washing dresser
Washing dresser The washing dresser had been thoughtfully designed. From the tiling to the metal fixtures ever part of the washing dresser has be designed with great taste.
By set standards, all units come equipped with a disposer that smashes kitchen waste and washes it down the drain with disposal water. Because kitchen waste is not accumulated, the kitchen is kept sanitary. This established disposer reduces garbage and is environmental friendly.
24 hour ventilation system
Due to a total heat exchange machine within the ceiling, there is 24 hour ventilation. Without opening a window fresh air is circulated throughout the room. Air conditioning energy loss is also kept low.
Heated Flooring
Heated flooring has been installed. This flooring will not pollute the air of the room and is tender to the touch. You can also turn it off and on from outside with your cell phone.
Bathroom ventilation drying machine as well as ventilation system
Within each bathroom there is a ventilation drying machine that will relay the sensation of air that will cool down the summer and warm up the winter. There is also a drying function to reduce the outbreak of mold. This 24 ventilation system creates a constant flow of air.
High speed internet connection Minato cable TV
※The facilities will vary depending on the type.
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