The rental apartment Park Axis Aoyama 1-Chome Tower has been created within Aoyama 1-Chome.。
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Yasuo Kondo public space design supervision
Yasuo Kondo
In 1973 he graduated from Tokyo Modeling University with a major in interior architecture. In 1977 he entered the Kuramata Design Office Company, and in 1981 he established the Yasuo Kondo Design office. In 2003 he established A.B.Design. In 2006 he assumed the position a professor at Kyushu's Fine Arts and Engineering Research Institution. For the fiscal year of 2000 he won the Mainichi Design Award. Literary works include "Interior Space and Designing" and "AB DESIGN." His masterpieces include Tokyo Stock Exchange Arrows (2000), Advertising Museum Tokyo (2002) and many others. Park Axis Aoyama I Chome unobjectionably exhibits his completeness to space detail.
Corridor, elevator, elevator hall, elevator interior design…He also supervised the lounge on the 30th floor. There are no parallel cases where he designed corridors and elevator in other buildings in the past. Usually the floors of the corridors woodend are carpeted and the walls are wallpapered It's not offen to have a design that uses steel on one side. Steel doors are also used within the design. The use of steel within this design creates a new world, giving the effect of a white and black monotone. Within the steal door frame the letter L is accented and adds an illumination at the leading edge. The L letter gives a rhythm to the corridor and causes it to shine. In addition to the progressive design. The air also seems to derive shapes.
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