The rental apartment Park Axis Aoyama 1-Chome Tower has been created within Aoyama 1-Chome.。
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Mitsui Jun Outward design supervision
Mitsui Jun
After graduating from the architecture department of Tokyo University in 1978, he spent 4 years working in Japan in the area of practical business. From 1982 he entered Yale University's Post Graduate program. In 1984 he received a study prize from AIA (American Architect Association) as well as H.I. Feldman award (superior prize of excellence). From 1984 until 1992 he worked at Cesar Pelli & Associates, (America) as a senior associate, was in charge at the Shinjuku Headquarters of NTT (Tokyo), and SEA HAWK Hotel and Resort (Fukuoka). From 1992 he became the representative director of Pelli Clark Pelli and is also presently the representative director of Mitsui and Associates, as representative director. He has qualifications as a architect in both America and Japan and is an active member of the American Architect Association as well as the Japanese Architect Association. His latest works include the Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower, The Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) second passenger terminal building and many others.
It's probably ok to call them Tokyo's skyscrapers. The appearance of this residence harmonize with Aoyama's lined streets of stores and homes. Drawing out of this individuality is seen within the abundant natural environment of Akasaka Gosho threw the trees and shrubs that give birth to shadows, the color of the tree trunks, and the tree trunks disposition. With a consideration for the fundamental shape of the building, priority is given to the building having a warm expression. This is achieved with the use of earth colored rime stones that resemble the disposition of the tree trunks. Rime stones are an attractive color that create a warmth of lined streets of stores and homes in Paris. A gradation of white and brown close to skin color lengthen the building in everyway and give it a slender look.
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