The rental apartment Park Axis Aoyama 1-Chome Tower has been created within Aoyama 1-Chome.。
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Kanji Ueki
Kanji Ueki
He moved to Italy after he graduated from the commercial science department of Keio University in 1968. He then spend time at Rinascente department head office design room, and Aldo Yakobel industrial design office before he returned to Japan and established Casappo&Associates in 1975. His masterpieces include APPLE STORE, Karuizawa golf links, and IBM Makuhari. He collaborated with the architect Yoshio Taniguchi and redesigned the New York Musem of Modern Art (MOMA). He was the first Japanese person to participate in such a project. In 2003, his design of the APPLE STORE that expanded throughout America won him the American IDSA golden prize.
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From challenging typically Japanese things, he embraced modernity. From within the spreading atmosphere of this complex designs for commerce establishments like the APPLE STORE came into fructification. Starting with private and public land-use zoning plans, he started to dwell on living room details. He started with the door. There were lot of points to consider. The door should separate space close off sound, and allow interactions between people. What he in particularly thought was of importance was the feeling the door should have. The door was to give the feeling that it wasn't really there at all. The door and the frame were devised in such a way to be congealed so that presence of the door would naturally be felt for the first time when someone actually opened it.
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