The rental apartment Park Axis Aoyama 1-Chome Tower has been created within Aoyama 1-Chome.。
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木村 ふみ Fumi Kimura
木村 ふみ
Food Environment Coordinater. Born in Tokyo, she studied floral design, table setting, and color coordination in New York and London. In 2000 at the time of the Okinawa* Kyushu Summit, she conduced a Prime Minister sponsored table ornamentation project work for an evening meal at Shuri castle. Starting with the Hyatt Hotel group she expanded to the distinctive world of domestic and international hotels, Ryokan (traditional Japanese hotels), and traditional Japanese restaurants. From 2001 she has served as a member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade Industry and a member of the commission inquire of the Hall of Traditional Industrial Arts.
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A living space that cultivates emotions. It is also a place of taking back. Therefore, it has the modest attentiveness of a woman. It is very easy to clean for those who plan to do housekeeping. For example, the kitchen counter tops joints and tile counter top joints are made of a material that is easy to be wiped. The laundry space is a convenient place you can iron and easily store away for those times of unexpected guest. The handle and switch plate are made with genuine materials. From here, you can see ordinary days of high living ahead.
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