The rental apartment Park Axis Aoyama 1-Chome Tower has been created within Aoyama 1-Chome.。
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Antonio Citterio
Antonio Citterio
With Italian domestic and International principle corporations Antonio Citterio has take part in a number of architectural, industrial design projects, and others. Some of his masterpieces include Edel company, Bulgaria Hotel (Paris, Milan) B&B Italian Showroom and Hansgrohe sink parts and metal fixtures. Interior products are collections of the New York Museum of Modern Art, Pompedou Center, and Museum of Architectural Design. Compossod'Ore,Reddot Design awards, and many IF award winners.
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Every detail of the design had thoroughly been taken into account along with functionality and a sense of materials to create a living environment that any Japanese would clearly consider highly audacious. The materials of furniture, floors, and walls have one by one gone under conscientious scrutiny in pursing a living space more likely of another dimension. The vegetational harmonized interior taste is felt from the first floor lobby lounge flowing air that communicates quality. This is an exquisite interior that can only be savored here. A time of value found nowhere but here. From upon entering the room within the flow of the air a sense of fine quality is surely felt.
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